Saturday 17 April 2021

About Us

Thornhill Academy is a popular and highly successful school, situated close to the centre of Sunderland, which offers education for young people between the ages of 11 - 16 years. Strong links with our partner primary schools mean that pupils are familiar with many of our teachers and have visited our site to enjoy lessons here numerous times before formally joining us. 

Thornhill Academy's pastoral care is strong and supportive with each pupil being a member of one of three houses. Each house has a Head of House, Deputy Head of House and a team of tutors. These pastoral teams care for and look after the welfare of our young people as they progress through their secondary school careers.

Teaching is organised into sets based upon prior attainment. This means that pupils can progress at rates appropriate to them and their peers and teachers can organise work which helps pupils understand, develop skills and learn more readily.

Thornhill School, Business & Enterprise College provides its pupils with a good quality of education. It excels in the outstanding pastoral care that it offers and the excellent curriculum that it provides.