Wednesday 24 April 2019

Aims & Values

Thornhill is a community school and as such is proud to serve part of the City of Sunderland. Our school caters for a varied local population which means young people from a rich variety of backgrounds and heritages come together to study here and learn to live together.

Our curriculum allows a high degree of personalisation which means that whatever an individual's strengths, interests and apptitudes Thornhill has opportunities and experiences of value to offer. The large majority of our pupils move on to further and then higher education using the qualifications gained here as their foundation for successful careers.

We value each other and expect all our young people to develop and display attitudes of respect for themselves and for others. We find our pupils are extraordinarily generous and most engage with our local community through charitable works and involvement in the city's youth democracy movement.

Thornhill works with many partners to offer even more to our pupils and has received a string of  national accolades and awards for pioneering programmes developed and implemented here. At Thornhill we aim to achieve everyone's potential because at Thornhill everyone matters!

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Our school would not be the same without it's community partners, the dedicated individuals who work together on behalf of the community’s children.

Head Teacher