Friday 18 August 2017

School Uniform

I am pleased to inform you about fianl decisions and can now detail our new uniform which retains elements of our tradition, complemented by a modern, smart, style. However, before doing so, I wish to stress that the new uniform will only be complusory starting with Y7 pupils from September 2015 onwards.

Current pupils can choose to continue with our traditional uniform or can choose to change to the new format but they cannot mix and match, each pupils' uniform has to be either all tradtional or all new format.

Thornhill School pupils have a proud tradition of smart and attractive appearance. Accepting a place means parents accept the uniform which must be worn in accordance with the uniform list. Children need comfortable, hard wearing clothes for school. 

Training shoes and tracksuit or hooded tops are NOT acceptable for normal school wear.

Hair styles of an extreme nature are NOT permitted.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil's name. 

The only jewellery to be worn in school is a watch.

Mobile phones and personal music players are NOT allowed in school. Any jewellery, or prohibited personal electronic equipment discovered is liable to confiscation and will only be returned to parents when they attend for retrieval from the school office. We urge parents to ensure that, if your son/daughter is to have new piercings, this procedure is conducted in the first weeks of the summer break to allow sufficient time for healing.