Friday 23 August 2019

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher                                                                     Mr I. Redford

Deputy Headtecher                                                              Ms N. Luke

Assistant Head Teacher                                                     Mrs J. LeRoy

Assistant Head Teacher                                            Mrs J.A.Richardson

Assistant Head Teacher                                                   Mrs C. Crooks      

Pastoral Team

Head of Brydon House                                                          Mr D Chalk

Deputy Head of Brydon House                                          Mrs P. Young

Head of Hislop House                                                Mr K. M. Leadbeater

Deputy Head of Hislop House                                            Mrs C. Harrison

Head of Johnson House                                                      Miss A. Tench

Deputy Head of Johnson House                                          Mr M. Poulton

Curriculum Teams

Art and Design

Mrs C. Crooks - Director of Learning                        

Mr C. Jones

Miss A. Tench

Business Technology

Mrs G. Crane - Director of Learning                                              

Mr D. Chalk

Mrs K. Nutman


Ms G. Willmore - Director of Learning                            

Miss L. Paczynski - Second in Department &

                               EVC & Enrichment Co-ordinator                      

Mr M. Poulton

Miss C. Harrison                                                              

Ms M. Tudor


Mrs J. Watt - Curriculum Leader Geography                             

Mr I. Redford

Miss L Crossley

Ms N. Luke


Mr A. Bewick - Director of Learning                           

Mrs K. Neeson

Miss A. Harris

Learning Support

Mrs K. Neeson (SENCO) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs A. Ashley - Director of Learning

Mr M. Andros

Mr I. Naylor                                                                

Mrs P. Young

Mr R. Uddin

Modern Languages

Mrs D. A. Todd - Director of Learning

Ms S. McKend                     

Mr S. Ali


Mr K Leadbeater                                                          

Physical Education

Mr D. Massie - Director of Learning                           

Mrs J Allan

Mrs J. A. Richardson                                                       

Mrs A Corrigan - School Sports Co-ordinator

Religious Studies

Mr G. Rice - Director of Learning                                                

Mrs M. McLeish


Miss L. McIlwraith - Director of Learning                 

Miss M. Reed

Mr C. Craggs                                                                       

Mrs D. Scott

Mr M. G. Harper

Miss R. Henderson                                                              


Mr J Miller -Director of Learning                           

Mrs S. Briggs


Mrs S. Edmunds                                                                               

Mrs A. Elliot

Mrs S. Legg                                                                         

Teaching and Learning Support Assistants

Mr G. Ahmed                                                                   

Mr K. Black                                                                          

Mrs D. Corkin

Teaching & Learning Facilitator

  Mrs P. Young


Administration and Technical Support

Business Manager                                                     Miss J. Berrystone

Designated Safeguarding Lead &                                                          

Assistant SENCO                                                          Mrs C. Meadwell

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead &                                              

Enterprise and Support                                              Mrs E. Henderson

Office Manager/Cover                                                       Mrs C. Davies

PA to the Head Teacher                                             Mrs E. Henderson

Finance, Marketing & Communications &                                               

      Admin Officer                                                                  Mrs L. Meah

Finance & Admin Officer                                                   Mrs S. Pilmore

Examinations Officer                                                           Mrs S. Ward

Data Manager                                                                       Mr C. Lane

Data Assistant                                                                    Miss E. Leng

Learning Resource Centre                                                  Mrs D. Smith

Network Manager                                                           Mr K. Dickinson

Business Technician                                                         Mr A. Douglas

Food Technology Technician                                          Mrs S. Croucher

Science Technician                                                       Miss F. Hussain

Attendance Officer                                                        Mrs S. Croucher

Medical Room                                                                  Mrs J. Steabler

Site Supervisor                                                                  Mr B. Lennox

Lunch Time Supervisors                                                            

Mrs D. Boyes                                                                   

Mrs J. Johnston                                                                   

Mrs J. McKinnie                                                       

Mrs K. Porter                                                                     

Mrs A. Smith     

Mrs M. Steel

Mr B. Tinmouth


Mrs D. Brown

Mrs L. Fairweather                                                          

Mrs C. Gray                                                              

Mrs C. McCully                                                                  

Mrs A. Smith                                                                      

Mrs M. Steel