Friday 18 August 2017

Year 9

In year 9 our pupils concentrate on developing their Enterprise Skills.

Enterprise Day will take place this year on Friday 23rd October for all year 9 pupils. This will involve a half day activity in the main hall entitled "Burger Bonanza".

Pupils should be starting to think in more detail about their options Post-16 and should visit our Careers Convention or any websites listed to find more information.

Year 9 pupils will continue to use U-Explore to work on their Employability Skills and to discover what local employers are looking for in their employees. All Year 9 pupils will have the chance to participate in Work Discovery Week and in targetted speaker talks and visits to local businesses such as Tyne Tees and Software City. A selected group of Year 9 pupils will also complete the Nissan Industrial Cadetship designed to promote careers in Engineering.