Tuesday 02 March 2021

Aim Higher

Problem SolvingTwenty five Year 10 students have been selected to take part in the Aimhigher ASDAN Award.  The series of challenges began with a day visit to RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire accompanied by Miss McIlwraith and Mr Miller.


ActivityThe aim of the day was to help young people develop a range of skills and broaden their   experience through activities and studies that help them to manage their own learning, and improve their employability skills and personal effectiveness.

High Wire 2The day started with pupils being split into two groups, with the aim of the activity being to get the groups to work together as teams.  The two teams were involved in problem solving including; bridge crossing, tanograms and command exercises.

Problem Solving 2In the afternoon, students were split into three teams and presented with three challenges  related to high ropes.  The high ropes at Leeming are designed stretch and deepen trust     between individuals and groups. Pupils were presented with a challenge to overcome and worked as a group to meet their objectives.

High Wire 1The groups were required to undertake the Leap of Faith as well as climb up to a platform 12 metres off the ground. They then stood up and jumped, being supported only by a harness and cable