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Day Two pm! - Thornhill School Day Two pm!

Posted by at 11:59PM on 17 February 2010

Wednesday evening 17th Feb

We arrived at the Ice Hotel dropped off the kit and headed to the Old Homestead Restaurant for a 3 course meal. A starter of a selection of fish, bread, smoked elk, potatoes and salad, the main meal was a slice of beef with potatoes in a sweet sauce with a variety of different cheeses with crackers for afters. Some of the cheese was not to everyone’s liking especially Emily’s, we sat and laughed at how she reacted to the smell of the blue cheese.

After a 20 minute walk back we went to our lockers and went got changed for bed, collected our sleeping bags and then set off to our ice beds. We were all paired up with 2 or 3 other people in our rooms where every single one of us had to spend the night sleeping on reindeer skin wrapped up from head to foot in our huge sleeping bags. We were then woke around 6:30am and given a nice warm lemon or cranberry drink, we all got up got showered and washed then headed for breakfast around 8:00am, we had the choice of cereal, fruit, or a cooked breakfast. After breakfast we walked back to the hotel met the instructor and spent an hour or so ice sculpting.

There were many different sculptures like a dice, a heart some initials and the angel of the north and they all got there own little space on an ice wall. We also seen the hotel under construction with a new corridor and some more rooms being built, we then got some time to ourselves to have a look around all the different rooms and to go in the shop. By Kate Megan & Natasha It’s 10 past 8 at night and I’m sitting in a cosy wooden hut near the Finnish border. It’s minus 28 outside, and I’m stuffed full of pancake. This afternoon was fantastic.

We headed to ESRANGE space centre, via a beautiful forest, covered in a thick blanket of snow. Once there, we were shown a series of short films about the centre and the work it does, as well as an animation about Virgin Galactic. All the films were interesting, but it got even better when we were given a tour of the facility. All of us got pictured next to a bit of MAXUS rocket fuselage. This done, we returned to the ice hotel where we were made to lug our kit to another coach, to come to our current lodging.

My back probably won’t be the same shape ever again! Everything has just gone so well today. The places were interesting, the food was delicious and the rooms were cosy. However, I seriously need a shower, so this is where I’ll leave you! Love you loads, Mum. -Jack-


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