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Monday 01 March 2021

Green screen activities

Watch this space to say what else we did with the green screens!

CSI Easter

Well what a holiday club and to think the caretaker nearly got away with it!

What am I talking about? Well this Easter we had a great time solving the case of the missing chocolate eggs. We held a CSI Easter week where the children learnt a whole load of different skills to help solve the case. Each child that came along enrolled in a training program to make them CSI agents, where they took part it activities such as Finger printing, Making cluejigs which is a form of puzzle to test out their observation skills.

Also the children tried out our new green screen activity pack where they got to perform in front of the green screen and add the effects in later. Have a look on the website at what they created.

And finally the return of Nerf Wars Which had everyone running around the gym shooting each other or protecting the president.

On the Wednesday we created a huge assault course where each child had to race around as part of a team to collect the best times to see which team were the overall champions. We also got the rest of the family involved as we found out who stole the Easter Bunnies eggs and we all set out to find all 200 around the school. The Caretaker said “He would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky Kids”.

 All of this in only three days know the wonder we need a rest after all that.


But don’t rest too long as the next one is now coming and this May we are off into the jungle in search of the 'Ungo Bungo' tribes in the great Safari Adventure. So don’t miss the plane and join us on our next great adventure this May half term.