Monday 01 March 2021

Fairground Week

This week really was all the fun of the fair all of the activities were fun and helped children develop valuable skills especially those linked to team building.

Activities included – swimming, orienteering, sports, model building, fun fair prop building and of course not forgetting our French workshop with our new enthusiastic NQT Mrs Hinds who is an inspirational French teacher.  Children learned how to make and accept invitations to a social gathering such as a fun fair, and key vocabulary for fun fair rides and snacks.

  • J Pinder Yr5 – “It was good to learn French and learn about French fairs. This activity was fun.”
  • B Oliver Yr5 – “It was really good especially when we played SPAT in French!”
  • P Kentgens Yr6 - “Mrs Hinds made French really fun!”
  • J Conlin Yr6 – “C’est excellent”


Swimming was non-stop action with practising technique, playing games and having races! Sebastian Walton Yr5 was the water polo champion with Oliver Broad 2nd and Daniel Greenfield 3rd.

  • “Mr Barnes made swimming really fun and helped us to improve our technique”


On Thursday we made the finishing touches to our stalls. The stalls were brilliant! Here are some of the names of the stalls they came up with:

Top Knock

Blast a Ball

3 Ball Bounce

Aim for the Hoops

Let’s get Quacky

Thunder Ball


Quick Cup

Blow it To Win it

Have you Lost your Marbles

  • B Oliver Yr5 – “I enjoyed making a model fairground ride everyone in my team was helpful!”



Circus Workshop

We were lucky to have Melynda, Tamsin, Gareth and Steven from Mint Management who demonstrated some fantastic circus skills. We tried high wire, stilts, pedalgoers, devil sticks, spinning plates, diablos and hula hoops.

On Thursday afternoon all the parents got the chance to come along to our fair, have a go of our stalls and practice their own circus skills!