Monday 01 March 2021

Did you miss our Love Holidays celebration assembly ?

Check it out below!

Love Holidays

Our latest holiday club was based on a LOVE theme.

Children were engaged in a wide variety of activities. Everyone had fun and developed their skills along the way.


love to canoeChildren had  the opportunity to develop their abilities, they were capsized so they knew how to get out  of a canoe if this ever happened on open water. Children developed their confidence and skills throughout the experience.

Mrs Gordon 018Mrs Gordon 030Mrs Gordon 040Mrs Gordon 049


love archeryChildren were split into teams and put their target practice skills to the test. Some children had the opportunity to have a community support officer on their team.

Mrs Gordon 010Mrs Gordon 028Mrs Gordon 023IMAG0070


love enterpriseChildren went through the process of setting up their own chocolate making enterprise whereby they produced their own hand made chocolates in shapes of hearts and teddy bears.  Children designed and produced their own chocolates and produced marketing materials and decided on a suitable selling price after having calculated the cost price. Look out  Lord Sugar we have some budding entrepreneurs!



love danceMrs Crane taught the children a fantastic dance routine to Uptown Funk.  Some children showed off some special dance skills such as The Worm, handstands and cart wheels. At the end of the holiday club the children had fun delivering an assembly to parents and their highlight of the assembly was performing  their dance routine to the parents and at the end some parents were participating in the dance routine.  The atmosphere was brilliant. What an excellent way to end of such a great holiday club.  See you all next time.



Remember any children who are in years 4, 5 and 6 are welcome.

See you all at our Easter Holiday Club where there will be a crime scene and a mystery or two  to solve!!