Tuesday 02 March 2021

Check out our Jungle presentation below:

Safari Adventure

We had great attendance with almost 30 pupils from our partner primary schools.

Pupils became part of a new jungle tribe calling themselves The Umbo Bungo tribe.  As part of this  they made shields to defend their tribes and face masks to create their own unique identity.  Also, children made jungle themed slippers whilst testing out their ability to sew.  Pupils made a door plaque and gave themselves a new name by making an anagram of their names.  Pupils found it very funny telling each other their new tribal name.



Pupils also took part on some more energetic activities….

Pupils developed their trampolining skills and some pupils learned some new techniques such as back flips and stomach drops!  The children enjoyed playing a game called running through the jungle whereby they had to respond to a set of commands as fast as they could such as tip toe past the snake, run from the tiger and jump over logs  to keep in the game.  Pupils created some jungle themed poems, jingles and raps which they performed to the parents on the last day. 



Everyone had a great time and we look forward to seeing the pupils at our two summer holiday clubs:

Fairground Week

(Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd July)

GI Joe and GI Jane Boot Camp

(Monday 24th - Thursday 27th August)