Friday 22 January 2021

Design your own pumpkin competition

The winning design by Loghan MacDonald


Some of the other amazing designs



A fun and spooky time was had by everyone!

Spooksville "Art" House

Pupils were shown examples of "scary wall hangings" that could be used to decorate a haunted house.   
They then created their own using card panels and paint, having to use their imagination to come up with unique ideas that would scare anyone walking into the house!  

Creating a Movie with a Sound Track

Pupils were put into groups of 4/5 and asked to create a "scary movie"

The first task for the pupils was to create a storyboard (this gave details of their ideas which were illustrated on paper). Once this was completed the pupils went off to create their scary movie using a video camera.

The second task was to create a soundtrack to go with their film. Once this was completed they used the computer software 'Movie Maker' to put together their film and soundtrack.

pic 2 pic 1


Scavenger Hunt at Barnes Park

Children were split into two groups and given a list of objects to collect in an allocated time. Some of the objects were a red leaf, something soft, an acorn, a pine needle etc.

The children then needed to create a spooky object using the materials they had collected and any other natural resources around them in the allocated time.



Spooky Fashion show

On the final day the children were in one large group and were given a pile of materials, props and wigs and were asked to design and make their own costume. The costumes would be modelled by themselves for parents, brothers/sisters and friends at the spooky fashion show.



It's absolutely brilliant, can't wait for the next one in February


Really good, my son has had a fantastic time!