Monday 01 March 2021
The Big Bash

Can't wait for week 2? 

Download our week 1 activity pack, full of puzzles and some delicious recipes!

Summer Big Bash Week 1

What a week it has been here at Thornhill School, the sun was out and the children were eager to see what this Year's 'Summer Big Bash' had in store for them. 

They were not dissappointed, take a look at what they all got up to!

Visit to the NGCA  (Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art)


The children were lucky enough to visit the NGCA and see the current exhibition 'Show me your money' and work with one of the artist Pui Lee. We have been told that some of the children's work will be on show for the duration of the exhibition - well done!

Pui Lee was delighted to get to work with our holiday club and this is what she said:

"Thank you again for a great week! I have really enjoyed delivering the art summer school. It has been a lot of fun and I am sure that the children have got a lot out of it! Their enthusiasm and energy was to be applauded! Really fantastic to see young people engaging themselves with contemporary art!"

Stop Animation


Lego was the name of the game here as children created different scences with the Lego to make short stop motion animation videos. This was so much fun and easy to use that some children didn't want to leave! 

Mr Miller being so kind pointed parents to where they could purchase the easy to use software for home, even suggesting they may lose their children for days as its so much fun!



The children loved having the chance to use our wonderful pool here at Thornhill School. They got  to work with our swimming instructor Mr Barnes and learn many different swimming techniques, some children even gaining their swimming badges.

It wasn't long before the swimming stopped and the games began with a group game of water volley ball then fun and floats.

It was a fun and energetic day and all children went home happy and tired, giving parents a few hours quiet time!