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A-Ha! It's the Partridge. - Thornhill School A-Ha! It's the Partridge.

Posted by David Lupton at 2:03PM on 20 December 2013

The much coveted “Partridge in a Pear Tree trophy” was once again claimed by Johnson House. The annual Twelve Days of Christmas assembly, a highlight on the school calendar was a huge success with tutor groups each having a line from the famous festive song.

The enthusiasm and levels of participation from pupils and staff has to be commended. Everyone has been impressed with the number of props (A mention has to go to Adam Brown who brought a large cow for 10H1 Eight Maids a milking line….(Plastic) ) festive clothing and hats.

Johnson House won the day and by the command of Mrs Monte Johnson House gave an  unprecedented 4th encore. Well done to everyone who participated!


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