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Animal Aid Visits Year 9 Pupils - Thornhill School Animal Aid Visits Year 9 Pupils

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:21AM on 06 June 2016

Year 9 GCSE R.S. pupils were visited by Jim Fox, a representative of animal rights group Animal Aid who aim to raise awareness of and peacefully protest against animal cruelty issues by means of making leaflets, videos, marching and lobbying. Jim gave a talk to the pupils of both classes about the issues that concern the group, as well as some of the reasons why many people choose to become vegans and vegetarians. The classes watched a video called “Their Life in Your Hands” which explained some of the misconceptions around animal experimentation and the treatment of animals by humans.

Jim answered questions from the pupils who benefitted hugely from his talk and will use the deeper understanding of the issues they now have to help them in GCSE in R.S. where pupils explore all sides of a moral debate to help them come to their own informed conclusions.

Year 9 religious studies student Jessica Hutchinson said, “I learnt that animals had been used in the past to test cosmetic products and went through lots of pain and suffering doing so. It really opened my eyes to the truth about animal testing and animal rights.”


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