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Anti-Bullying Award presentation - Thornhill School Anti-Bullying Award presentation

Posted by Louise Meah at 11:33AM on 07 May 2015

Winners of the Anti-Bullying Award -Thornhill School Peer Mentor Team

An award ceremony was held within school so each member of the peer mentor team could receive their certificate.







At 12:02PM on 07 May 2015, Kay Harding said...
aw I am so happy of my baby boy Jamie for winning this award xxx
At 12:30PM on 07 May 2015, Mr. Malik said...
I am so proud of Shopon My son
At 1:36PM on 07 May 2015, tanbir said...
ginnan shopon lad
At 10:06AM on 08 May 2015, megan thompson and beth haswell said...
Well done Lucy Dixon and the rest
At 10:16AM on 08 May 2015, Helena Bari said...
Ohhh Shopon. I remember when you were just starting year 7. Look at you now, all grown up in year 11, such a mature head boy. Great job! xxx
At 10:31AM on 08 May 2015, Shorob Ahmed said...
Shopon! I am proud of you, over the 5 years I have known you, you have been a great friend and I hope you always will be. Well done!
At 10:45AM on 18 May 2015, niall barker said...
very proud of youse
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