Monday 18 January 2021

Art & Design - Thornhill School Art & Design

Posted by Louise Meah at 11:57AM on 09 November 2017

Over this term in Art and Design we have been working with pupils to develop their understanding our department vision and the qualities we seek to promote in our lessons.

Thornhill Academy Art and Design department recognises abilities, reflects and adapts together to ensure everyone meets their potential.

Through innovative approaches to facilitating learning, everyone is challenged to explore and take ownership of their own progress and self-development.

We inspire our learners to be:

Creative          Confident          Willing           Self-Sufficient            &         Resilient

Our pupils have reflected on what it means to demonstrate these qualities and have produced some great responses like these ones shared by 8X3.

Learnign in Art

We look forward to working with our pupils further to develop them as artists and creative learners.


At 8:53AM on 15 Nov 2017, connor said...
I am doing art as a GCSE and I love it
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