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Bronze Arts Awards - Thornhill School Bronze Arts Awards

Posted by Louise Meah at 10:24AM on 02 October 2018

Last term our year 10 pupils proudly ended the school year with a special exhibition in Sunderland Minster showing off the work they produced during their Set Sails project with the Cultural Spring and which supported the Tall Ships celebrations. It was breath-taking as you entered the tepee in which the work was displayed. Model boats hung from the ceiling at all angles as light projected mysterious shadow across the walls. Gathered inside the tent, reflecting upon their own work the pupils said:

‘The way the light is used to project shadows is really interesting and creates an atmosphere.’

‘The exhibition space was so calming and I really enjoyed spending time in there.’

‘It’s great seeing our work on display showing what we have all accomplished together.’

Of course our work didn’t end there and at the start of Year 11 we have been busy compiling evidence of our project to support our submission for The Bronze Arts Awards. I am delighted to say that 13 pupils were successful in achieving this qualification which will complement their GCSE studies well. 

Congratulations and well done to our Year 11 Art students!



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