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Bastille Day 2014 - Thornhill School Bastille Day 2014

Posted by David Lupton at 9:06PM on 14 July 2014
bastille day 2014

The MFL department recently held their annual Bastille Day event at Thornhill School. This year we were joined by Diamond Hall, Barnes and Richard Avenue Primary schools. Pupils joined in a variety of events throughout the day which helped them understand why the French celebrate Bastille Day every year.

The MFL department taught them a little bit of café language so they could order their French breakfast items at break time. During their History session pupils learned about the Bastille prison and the guillotine! Luckily no one lost their head! Our History experts also helped them to make rosettes as worn by the revolutionaries.  Some pupils had the opportunity to play French boules and others learnt about Monet and Renoir in their art session.

Overall a fantastic day was had by all who attended.



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