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“Be In Plenty for Twenty” winners - Thornhill School “Be In Plenty for Twenty” winners

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:19AM on 05 April 2017

Our 3 house prize draws took place this week for our “Be in plenty for twenty” attendance promotion scheme. All pupils with a weekly attendance rate of 100% gained on entry for the draw.

Brdyon House Winners

  • Shane Spoors 7B2
  • Lamya Salam 7B2
  • Leah Wright 9B1
  • Leah Corkin 10B1
  • Daisy Gettins 7B1

Hislop House Winners

  • Mike Nieto 7H2
  • James Dorward 8H2
  • Marzan Ahmed 8H1
  • Shawna McKinnell 10H1
  • Anais Avery 10H1

Johnson House Winners

  • Beth Taylor 8J1
  • Hollie Wright 9J1
  • Harry Barnes 10J2
  • Summer Cooperwaite 10J2
  • Thahsin Ahmed 7B2

Full attendance promotes the best chance of success for individual pupils. Congratulations to everyone with 100% attendance this term. Thank you also to parents/carers for continuing to support our drive to promote full attendance.

Watch out for our summer term scheme!




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