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Brilliant Club Undergraduates are Ready to Fly! - Thornhill School Brilliant Club Undergraduates are Ready to Fly!

Posted by Louise Meah at 12:31PM on 19 February 2018
Brilliant club

Thornhill Academy has its first group of most able pupils ready to start university! They will be working with a PhD mentor from Newcastle University over the next few months working on STEM related projects- STEM being: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects.

The process will involve a whole day induction at Newcastle University where pupils will experience what university life is like. The selected year 7 and 8 pupils are all very excited by this opportunity of a lifetime. So what do they hope to gain from their experience?

“Taking part in a unique experience that few get to do is really exciting prospect”

“We will find out what day to day life is like for a PhD student and be able to draw on their expertise to help us with our projects”

“We will be able to explore all aspects of STEM”

“It will be an experience employers and university admissions will be impressed by”

Pupils will begin in early March, then meet with their mentor on a weekly basis. Further news to follow once the project begins.

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