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Buzzing and books! - Thornhill School Buzzing and books!

Posted by Louise Meah at 10:57AM on 25 October 2019

There was a buzz around school last week as year 7 students were presented with their own fiction books in house assemblies.

Upon starting at Thornhill in September all of our Y7 students were asked to choose 1 book, from a choice of 14, that they would like to have as their own to read. Copies of each of the 14 titles were made available for students to look at so that they could read the blurb and make an informed choice. Once the selections were made, Mrs Smith, our school librarian, ordered the books and eagerly awaited their delivery.

As a school committed to the encouragement of reading for pleasure in students, it was acknowledged that the financial investment in buying a book for each student was one that was well worth making. Indeed the delight on the faces of Y7 when they were presented with their new books confirmed this.

Comments from our Y7s seem to suggest that the books are being enjoyed and there are plans for a book swap later this term as well as an invitation to review their book for the library.

book buzz


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