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Christmas Concert 2015 - Thornhill School Christmas Concert 2015

Posted by Louise Meah at 10:07AM on 10 December 2015

The Thornhill Christmas Celebration Concert 2015

The festive spirit was flowing from last night’s Christmas Concert. Hosted by Mr Leadbeater the concert saw Thornhill pupils join forces with partner primary schools, Diamond Hall and Richard Ave to deliver a high quality night of entertainment. 

With hours to go before Star Wars The Force Awakens was released the staff performed their own Star Wars Nativity: The Baby Awakens in homage to the franchise.

Throughout the evening Mr Ward's Brass band played carols for communal singing ensuring the congregation were contributing as well. The evening was closed by local Pastor Jim Beattie who praised our pupils for supporting a local food bank.

Well done to all pupils for an excellent Christmas concert.



At 2:47PM on 10 Dec 2015, charlie mcclean said...
I cant wait to go!!!
At 1:13PM on 11 Dec 2015, billy egelston johnson house said...
yeyeyeye merry Christmas people xxxxxx
At 12:44PM on 14 Dec 2015, ben parkinson said...
excitement is unreal !
At 11:27AM on 16 Dec 2015, shannon thackeray 8b1 said...
whoop whoop
At 11:29AM on 16 Dec 2015, hannah williams said...
I cant wait to go up on stage!!!!!
At 9:40AM on 05 Jan 2016, chloe ridly said...
At 7:29PM on 13 Jan 2016, Becca Lou said...
At 11:47AM on 19 Dec 2016, SOPHIE LEARY (MICHALES SISTER) said...
THERES ME!!!!!!!!!!! I loved dancing with yasmeen afzal, rhian finley and the Wilson sisters! thanks you guys
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