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Community Spirit - Thornhill School Community Spirit

Posted by Louise Meah at 10:52AM on 23 May 2017

Chloe Oliver 8H2 was a fantastic servant to the community recently. While doing her paper round after school she heard a cry for help and then could see an elderly lady (Mrs Grieves) lying on the floor in a state of distress. Chloe entered the building and immediately contacted the emergency services and the ladies family while making the house safe (turning off the oven). Chloe learnt that Mrs Grieves had been on the kitchen floor for 12 hours after a fall, she made her comfortable while they waited for her family and an ambulance to arrive. Mrs Grieves spent 6 days in Hospital while she recovered from her ordeal and was visited by Chloe. Mrs Grieves and her family thanked Chloe for her life saving community spirit and rewarded her with £50. Chloe also received a very special Headmaster award for her amazing actions.

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At 3:14PM on 23 May 2017, chihuahua said...
what a kind thing to do my friend! keep up and wow how amazing are u and enjoy the monayaayayyyyy
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