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Continued Success for the Connecting Classrooms Project - Thornhill School Continued Success for the Connecting Classrooms Project

Posted by David Lupton at 11:54AM on 05 June 2014
Connecting Classrooms

The Connecting Classrooms Project funded by the British Council is continuing to support an innovative education programme led by Thornhill School.


The project, running since 2009, has allowed Thornhill to establish a strong global partnership with teachers and pupils in Chittagong, Bangladeshi’s second largest city. The unique experience offered by the project has helped pupils and teachers at Thornhill to gain a better understanding of a country and its culture which is the heritage home of a significant number of young people and their families in Sunderland.


Through the visits and collaborative curriculum-based activities, our pupils’ knowledge and understanding of other’s societies has increased  and teachers in both countries have learned and been able to share good practice, which has enriched the education of young people and brought lasting benefits to all the schools involved.


The International Connecting Classrooms project enabled Mrs Etherington and Mr Ali to spend two weeks visiting schools in Bangladesh at the beginning of April, where they were warmly welcomed, experiencing new classroom techniques and developing an understanding of Bangladeshi culture.


As a result of the project’s success so far, we were delighted to learn that further funding has been made available to Thornhill so that all our feeder primary schools can become involved in an extended partnership. This new joint venture will support shared activities which give pupils and their international peers a chance to tackle challenging global themes together as well as explore their rights and responsibilities as citizens growing up together to  work in a global 21st century economy. An exciting development for our local schools and the city.


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