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Earn to Live program - Thornhill School Earn to Live program

Posted by Louise Meah at 3:52PM on 18 March 2019

Following the success of our Earn to Live program in 2018, we have decided to run the program again this year. The aim of the drop down event is to introduce our students to some of the opportunities and careers that may be of interest to them when they leave us. On Thursday 4th April our students will take part in a number of activities, visits and talks from colleges, universities, apprenticeship providers and training centres aimed at increasing their awareness of options post-16.

On Friday 5th April from 9.00-10.30 we will run around 35 different "Careers in......." workshops in school. You will work with a group of around 15 students to deliver a workshop about what it is like to work in your industry and then facilitate a practical, hands on activity with the students.

Suitable spaces can be made available around school - workshops, catering rooms, sports halls, labs, art rooms, outside areas, workshops or classrooms. Spaces will be available for setting up from 8.15am onwards and refreshments will be provided both before and after the event.

If you would be interested in taking part in this event, or are able to forward this to a colleague who may like to take part, please indicate this by emailing


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