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Exploring mind-set - Thornhill School Exploring mind-set

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:27AM on 23 February 2018

This week, some of our Year 10 boys took part in a session exploring mind-set and the importance of skills for learning. As well as reflecting on their own mind-set and learning more about the cycle of ‘Belief- Action- Progress’, the pupils took part in an escape room style challenge where they got to test out their learning and problem solving skills for real.

We were really proud of the pupils as, after the initial enthusiasm wore off, they became frustrated, fed up and very close to giving up because we know that this is when REAL learning skills kick in! We saw pupils repeatedly bouncing back as they gave each challenge another go. They supported each other well by sharing ideas, clarifying and asking questions. Pupils were resourceful, began discussing strategies and, in the end, were determined to achieve!

Although the glory and self-satisfaction was all the winning team really needed, they were also rewarded with a VIP break time pass and a free bacon buttie!

These learning skills are relevant in all aspects of life and we expect our pupils to take on board these mind-sets in order to raise their achievement even further.

You can find out more about what we explored at:



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