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Flamingo Land Visit - Thornhill School Flamingo Land Visit

Posted by Louise Meah at 8:54AM on 24 June 2016

Year 8 and 9 pupils have been involved in a visit to Flamingo Land with the Science Department this week.  

Pupils were involved in workshops where they reinforced what they have been learning this year in Biology lessons.  They were also given time in the park to visit the zoo and see for themselves some animal adaptations.

Those who were brave enough experienced some of the forces they have been learning about in Physics on the rides.  The visit was a huge success and as usual the behaviour of pupils from Thornhill was exemplary. 

Well done to all those involved!



At 10:00AM on 24 Jun 2016, ethan hedley said...
wish I had a chance like this when I was here it looks phenomenal! its great to help towards their studies and also to have some fun!!
At 3:11PM on 30 Jun 2016, Adam Colborn Howe said...
Had an awesome day at the theme park, The velocity was very scary though.. As well as the Cable Cars xD
At 12:39PM on 09 Sep 2016, jak richerdson said...
proper mint day loved it thanks miss d :)
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