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GetSet Network and the 2012 Olympics - Thornhill School GetSet Network and the 2012 Olympics

Posted by at 10:10PM on 06 February 2012
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By joining the GetSet Network, Thornhill is reinforcing the message to our pupils and the community that this is Britain’s Games not just London’s!  Involving pupils in Olympic preparation and news through the Network will bring the Games alive to our pupils and bring it closer to the North East.  It will give Thornhill pupils access to the build up, increase their knowledge and understanding and heighten the excitement that a major sporting event generally brings.  Pupils will be able to access, at first hand, up to date developments and follow the training and preparation of their favourite athletes.  This involvement will inspire those already involved in sport and foster aspirations and interest in others.


The School’s motto “Live To Learn” embraces the all values and ethos of the Olympics, but emphasis is placed on equality, respect, determination and inspiration.  As a multicultural school it is important that all students feel respected and respect each others differences.  This is celebrated through the award winning “The Word”.  This is a group of past and present students and staff who by performing at local and national events promote racial harmony and equality.  This year they will be taking part in the Thornhill 2012 Opening Ceremony and promoting the event during assemblies and primary visits.


At Thornhill staff make every effort to inspire students through their teaching and extra curricular clubs.  They instill a determined and positive approach in students to aim high and be the best they can.  Students are given responsibility to organise and promote Inter-House activities, which this year will culminate in Thornhill 2012 our version of London 2012. This will be a cross curricular week involving all students and our primary feeder schools during National Sports week. House captains and volunteers will be made Thornhill Ambassadors working under the direction of the School’s 2 Olympic Ambassadors and PE Staff.


Our future plans include the Thornhill 2012 event during National Sports Week and the Annual Aquathon, as well as the school competing in local and regional inter school competitions, via the School Games Programme, some of which lead to national competitions.  Our aim is to improve the already excellent participation in intra competition and activity by hosting taster sessions in new events, some of which will be seen at the Olympics such as Judo. The aim of the school is Live to Learn! Hopefully the legacy of London will do reinforce that.

We are all looking forward to the build up to the Olympics,  any pupils wanting to help organise this see Mrs Thom in the PE department.