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Hannah and Sarah's Codex 1300 Contribution - Thornhill School Hannah and Sarah's Codex 1300 Contribution

Posted by Louise Meah at 8:14AM on 09 June 2016

Hannah Turnbull (8B1) and Sarah Sweeney (8H2) were the proud contributors of Thornhill’s entry into the magnificent Codex 1300 project that left St Peter’s Church in Monkwearmouth on June 4th, to make its eventual way to The Vatican in Rome.  June 4th marked the 1300th anniversary of the Codex, the world’s oldest surviving Bible that was transcribed and illuminated at the Wearmouth Jarrow monastery.  On 4th June 716AD, Abbot Coelfrith left St Peter’s Church, Monkwearmouth on a journey that would take him to Rome to present the Codex to the Pope, Gregory II.

This year children from every school- primary and secondary- in Sunderland and some in Jarrow have contributed an entry into the Children’s Codex, a gift to the Pope from the children of Sunderland and Jarrow. This historic document will be on display in The Vatican Museum in Rome for all to see. On its way to Rome, it will make a stop at Lambeth Palace where it will be blessed and signed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and will eventually make its way to Rome later this year.

Each school was designated a story from The Bible and Thornhill was asked to outline the account of The Stoning of St. Stephen.

A copy of The Children’s Codex will be on permanent display at St Peter’s Church for all to see.

The ceremony to mark this occasion was attended by Hannah, Sarah, their relatives and Mr. Rice, as well as many dignitaries that included The Mayor of Sunderland, Cllr Alan Emerson, the Bishop of Jarrow and The High Sheriff of Tyne and Wear and was lead by Revd. Bradshaw, Team Rector at Monkwearmouth Parish.

Well done Sarah and Hannah on this outstanding contribution!

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