Saturday 16 January 2021

Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 - Thornhill School Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

Posted by Louise Meah at 3:00PM on 23 January 2019

Holocaust Memorial Day is on Sunday January 27th. As part of PDL work and assemblies Thornhill pupils will be commemorating the event by carrying out a number of activities related to this year’s theme “Torn from Home”.

Pupils will be reflecting upon current and past genocides, by considering peoples experiences when they are forced to flee their homes due to persecution.

One of Thornhill Academy’s values is to encourage respect and tolerance towards others, regardless of faith or beliefs. We remember the words of Holocaust survivor, Zigi Shipper who when visiting school a few years ago said, “We must not hate; we must learn from the past and not allow atrocities to happen in the future”.


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