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Homework Success - Thornhill School Homework Success

Posted by Louise Meah at 2:53PM on 24 May 2019

As we approach the end of this half term we are again celebrating the amazing homework that has been produced by our students.

Now working from Homework Menus in Key Stage 3, our students have the opportunity to choose the homework tasks that particularly appeal to their interests for each of the areas of study in each of their subjects. So in History, whilst studying the Romans, students could choose to research a Roman cake recipe then make it. Or, if baking didn’t appeal, they could create an A – Z of key Roman words!

The range and quality of homework that has been submitted has truly amazed us. So much so that we have created a dedicated display area in our small hall …

pic 1pic 2

The superb quality of the work produced can be seen in the images above and are a testament to the positive attitudes to learning of our students, as well as to the support of their parents and carers.

Many of our students have been awarded a Headteacher’s certificate for outstanding effort with homework and the piece displayed below will certainly result in a certificate. Huge congratulations to the Y7 student who created the Bug Hotel for his Biology homework that can be seen below.

pic 3


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