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I'm an Engineer 2015 - Thornhill School I'm an Engineer 2015

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:44AM on 24 November 2015

‘I’m an Engineer – Get Me Out Of Here!’

28 Year 7 Thornhill students have been participating in ‘I’m an Engineer. Get me out of here!’ The event has taken place over two weeks from 9th – 20th November. It is an online event where school students get to meet and interact with real engineers. It’s a X Factor-style competition between engineers, where the students are the judges.

Students were given the opportunity to submit questions which the engineers would endeavour to answer by the next day. These stay on site so that participants can read the questions other students have already asked, and the engineers’ answers.

Students challenge the engineers over fast-paced online live chats in a safe environment. They ask the engineers anything they want, and vote for their favourite engineer to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public.

Thornhill pupils are taking part in the production zone where the students will have the opportunity to talk to five engineers from a variety of backgrounds. One engineer helps to get Beans in cans and Ketchup in bottles for Heinz, another makes machines that use lasers to mark wire, which is used inside aeroplanes. There is an engineer who helps write the processes to build cars and check the parts will go together for Jaguar Land Rover, as well as an engineer who grows lots of cells and then makes each individual cell into a factory to make things like drugs or fuels.

Prior to the event the students will have lessons regarding engineering as a career not only in a production environment but all aspects of engineering.

Thornhill’s live chat with the engineers taking part in the event was organised for Tuesday 17th November 2015 and we were fortunate to have three engineers join the live chat. The photos were taken during the live chat.



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