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I'm an Engineer - Get me out of here! - Thornhill School I'm an Engineer - Get me out of here!

Posted by David Lupton at 12:50PM on 04 July 2014
I'm an Engineer

Twenty Eight Year 9 pupils have been taking part in an on-line event called ‘I’m an Engineer. Get me out of here!’

The event took place over two weeks from 16th – 27th June, and enabled students to meet and interact with real engineers on-line. It was an X Factor-style competition between engineers, where the students are the judges.Students submitted questions which the engineers tried to answer by the next day.  Students challenged the engineers over fast-paced online live chats in a safe environment. They asked the engineers anything they wanted, and voted for their favourite engineer to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public. Thornhill pupils took part in the city zone where the students had the opportunity to talk to four engineers from a variety of backgrounds. One making buildings and bridges stand up, as well as one making sure we can all get electricity after a blackout.

There was someone researching how Debenhams stores around the country could use less gas, water and electricity, as well as an engineer making our cities safer by understanding how fires spread. Our on-line chat in the first week went so well that we were invited to book a second opportunity to talk to the engineers during the voting week.

Pupils engaged in the project really enjoyed the face-to-face aspect of the competition and the way they were empowered to vote for the engineer they felt provided the best responses to their questions.

This event certainly achieved its purpose of introducing more pupils to the possibility of pursuing a career in engineering when they leave Thornhill School.


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