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Millionaire Readers - Thornhill School Millionaire Readers

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:45AM on 19 July 2017

Thornhill Millionaires!

Thornhill School would like to congratulate our twelve millionaire readers. Lamya Salam, Anju Kamaly, Tally Mennear, Nilima Ahmed, Jake Nicholson, Emma Thornton, Thalia Elliot, Eve Glass, Meg Goodwin, Olivia Sayers, Jessica Holyoak and Zaara Maqsood all enjoyed a celebratory party to recognise their phenomenal achievement this year.

Our avid readers managed to reach a combined total of 21,515,310 words, with Lamya and Anju leading the way with over three million words each! The rewards that pupils received included books, book tokens, stationary, reading lights and a kindle for the top four readers.

Pupils left the party promising that they would see us next year for our 2018 millionaire’s party… we dearly hope so, as well as many others.



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