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Northumbria University Unzipped - Thornhill School Northumbria University Unzipped

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:42AM on 29 November 2017

On Monday 27th November all members of year 7 participated in a drama based event delivered by Northumbria University staff, giving an insight into the opportunities available to students who go on to study at university.

After some interactive and very competitive warm up activities, the pupils worked in groups creating an identity for a fictional university student, by using a series of items provided by the course facilitators. Following this, groups had to work out the degree course being studied by each of the “students” by asking questions of each group. The courses being studied ranged from nursing to Fashion Design to Law and showed to our pupils that there is something for everyone at university. As ever, all pupils fully entered into the spirit of the event and there were prizes for the group with the law student as they were judged to have created the best student!!

Look out for reports on other collaborations with local universities in the New Year.



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