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Passport to Prom - Thornhill School Passport to Prom

Posted by Louise Meah at 12:12PM on 06 March 2019
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Thank you to parents of Year 11 for encouraging students to attend our new Wednesday revision sessions in preparation for the upcoming GCSE exams. These have got off to a great start with positive feedback from our students who have really valued the additional and personalised support. 

In addition, this week students have been introduced to their ‘Passport to Prom’. On the 12th July, after the exams students will gather at the Marriot Hotel to celebrate their hard work and achievements. To attend the Prom, organised by Thornhill, pupils are expected to nothing more than continue to meet our expectations. The Passport helps to keep pupils focused on how to meet these and to make the most of the revision and preparation opportunities available to them to ensure they reach their potential and have a lot to celebrate on the night!

Below is a copy of the flyer explaining the process in more detail which was issued to pupils, along with their prom letter on Monday.  For any queries about the Prom, please contact Mrs Harrison. For any queries about the ‘Passport to Prom’ please contact your Head of House or Mrs Crooks.



The Prom is a celebration of our students’ hard work throughout Year 11 and their GCSE examinations. Their success at GCSE is best achieved by studying both at home and at school through attendance to our guided programmes of revision.  Attendance to our Prom is a privilege and a reward which is earned. Thornhill Academy will be operating a ‘Passport to Prom’ which will recognise the achievements and efforts that each student continues to make throughout Year 11.

During an assembly on 4th March your child will be issued their Passport to Prom card which they need to keep safe and get signed by their Head of House before they are issued their ticket to the Prom. Should a pupil not fulfil their Passport to Prom then all money will be refunded (minus the non-refundable deposit).

The Passport to Prom will run from Monday 4th March until Friday 17th May.

Each fortnight students will need to:

  •   Record all revision session they attend and ask the member of staff to sign their card.
  • Record their attendance and punctuality and ask their Form Tutor to sign their card.

Criteria for admission to the 2019 Thornhill Prom, students must:

  • Attend at least 28 revision sessions (this can be before or after school, at lunchtime and includes homework club and Easter Revision!).
  • 100% coursework completion, submitted to an appropriate standard within teachers’ deadlines.
  • Have an attendance record of 96% or above or have significantly improved attendance (valid medical reasons will be discussed and attendance to Prom will be at the discretion of the Head of House).
  • Good punctuality.
  • No more than 8 C3 detentions.
  • No escalated C4 detentions or exclusions.
  • Good or significantly improved behaviour as recorded on Class Charts.
  • Demonstrate exemplary behaviour during exam periods beyond 17th May.

Entry to the prom is at all times at the discretion of the Head Teacher; admission can be withdrawn at any time. Whilst it may cause distress to be withdrawn from the Prom, failure to meet our expectation will be a result of students’ own poor choices.



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