Saturday 16 January 2021

Political Poetry Challenge - Thornhill School Political Poetry Challenge

Posted by Louise Meah at 1:39PM on 21 October 2020
Political Potery Challenge

As part of the ongoing work at Thornhill around inspiring our high achieving pupils, a group of Y10 and Y11 pupils were invited to take part in a competition hosted by The Young Poets Network & The Orwell Youth Prize.

Pupils were tasked with writing their own poem exploring politics and language. How does the language we see day to day in the media and from our leaders shape our lives and our feelings?

We have received some absolutely outstanding entries which we are so proud of, and highlight the talented writers we have here at Thornhill! You can see a sneak peak of a section of one of these poems in the picture.

The competition is still live until Sunday 25th October! If any pupils would like to enter, please see Mrs Nutman asap for the entry information.

Good luck to all of our entrants!


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