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Posted by David Lupton at 3:07PM on 17 October 2013
Chris Jones illustration

Mr Jones has been shortlisted for the prestigious Artist of the Year 2013 award, held by Artisits & Illustrators magazine.

His entry is a portrait of his best friend Geoff, who he has known for 20 years. It is painted in oils on linen, which is his preferred medium. He aimed to communicate his character and the person within, who he knows so well. A single light source was used to give a sense of tension and atmosphere.

The magazine is looking for pieces that are unique, creative and that demonstrate a good level of artistic technique. Their panel of judges will be led by Artists & Illustrators editor Steve Pill and Osborne Studio Gallery director Geoffrey Hughes. Readers will also have the chance to vote for their favourite shortlisted works on the Artists & Illustrators website. Online voting closes at noon on Friday 3 January 2014.

So don't delay, click the link below to vote for Mr Jones in his attempt to become Artist of the Year!


At 9:28AM on 22 Oct 2013, courtney goldsmith and claire drysdale said...
amazing picture sir!!!!!!
At 2:32PM on 22 Oct 2013, crofty said...
i think mr jones is a good talented artist
At 2:32PM on 22 Oct 2013, kambell brewer said...
very very good
At 2:34PM on 22 Oct 2013, mansoora said...
that is soooooooooooooooooo good
At 1:43PM on 23 Oct 2013, curtney anita golodsmith said...
well done mr jones best art teacher ever
At 12:59PM on 04 Nov 2013, claire cowdery said...
what an amazing artist! go for the win !!!!
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