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Pupils Practice their Patois - Thornhill School Pupils Practice their Patois

Posted by David Lupton at 4:35PM on 29 November 2013
beat the Rat Race

Pupils from Thornhill School in Sunderland unearthed the secrets of language success at a special conference held at Newcastle University by Routes into Languages on Wednesday 27th November.

Entitled 'Beat The Rat Race', Fifteen pupils from Year 9 attended the event, where they listened to speakers from a wide range of professions, who demonstrated how languages have benefitted them in their careers.

The Thornhill pupils were shown just how important languages can be at securing the right career, and they can benefit a number of careers, not just the obvious teaching professions. Pupils were given the opportunity to try their hand a learning a completely new language, from Dutch to Korean, to discover what it's really like to study a language at university, and also participated in a light-hearted version of 'What's my Job?' when the pupils had to try and guess the career of a panel of real-life linguists and to find out how they use languages.

Leading the pupils at the event was their language teacher Mrs Todd, who was delighted at the success of the event "All the pupils from Thornhill were delightfully surprised to learn of the variety of careers of the speakers, and some of our pupils seemed to really enjoy the challenge of learning some Arabic phrases! It's been fantastic to be able to show these children how important studying languages can be to a future successful career."


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