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Readathon Challenge - Thornhill School Readathon Challenge

Posted by Louise Meah at 11:59AM on 18 April 2018

Thornhill Academy’s English department will be launching this year’s Readathon Challenge to mainly year 7 and 8 pupils this week. Pupils are being encouraged to collect as many sponsorships as possible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers will hand out the sponsor cards and bookmarks.
  • Pupils will choose what they want to read from comics to classics – anything goes.
  • Teachers will be allowing time to read in their lessons – we will be devoting a week to the challenge. We ask that you also encourage your children to read at home.
  • Pupils will ask friends and family to sponsor them per book, per minute of reading or a total amount for the challenge.
  • Sponsors can pay online, so if you don’t want your child to be collecting money and bringing it to school, ask people to use this method of payment.
  • If you do collect money, pupils must hand it to their teacher when all of the money is collected, along with their sponsor form.

All details are on the Readathon website, including payment methods.

If there are any pupils from year 9 to 11 who also wish to take part, please speak to your English teacher.

Thornhill Academy has great pride in our charity work… let’s work together to make the Readathon Challenge a huge success!


G. Willmore (Director of Learning for English)

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