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Reading Millionaires - Thornhill School Reading Millionaires

Posted by Louise Meah at 8:25AM on 28 August 2015

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Many of our pupils have made exceptional progress on the ‘Accelerated Reader’ Programme, reading a phenomenal number of words and increasing their reading age in some cases by 3 years.

Well done to all!

19 pupils became word millionaires…or multi-millionaires.


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From the hundreds of 100% Quizzes achieved, 3 lucky winners were drawn… each receiving a £10 book voucher.



Well done to everyone who achieved 100% in a quiz. Let us make this year even more successful. As you know, reading is the key to unlock success in all subjects…so keep on reading!


At 9:55AM on 06 Nov 2015, nasifah begum said...
I was a millionaire in yr 7 :'(
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