Saturday 17 April 2021

Remote Learning - Thornhill School Remote Learning

Posted by Louise Meah at 8:57AM on 07 January 2021

We have been so impressed with our pupil's engagement in their remote learning so far this week. This is new for all of us and it is great that we are all learning together!

To help pupils and parents here is a brief guide to help get you started with finding your way around Class Charts.

We are asking teachers to keep track of our pupils' attendance and engagement with lessons and we will report this back to pupils and parents via Class Charts too.

If there is a Zoom lesson available, we will indicate if pupils have:

  • Attended and engaged (this could be by giving a reaction, answering a question, making a comment in the chat or submitting work on class )
  • Attended and exceeded expectations
  • Attended but did not engage (teachers need some form of interaction with pupils as above, for us to know they are safe and learning!)
  • Did not attend

Where Zoom lessons are not available, or a pupil is unable to attend, by submitting work or communicating with teachers we can also indicate whether or not pupils have engaged with other remote learning activities. The purpose of this is to recognise the efforts that pupils are making to track engagement and to keep parents informed. If pupils do not attend or submit work we can identify and support. If parents are aware of an issue please contact the school and we will do everything we can to support.


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