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Remote Learning Achievements - Thornhill School Remote Learning Achievements

Posted by Louise Meah at 1:48PM on 15 January 2021

We are aware of how hard our pupils are working to engage with their remote learning from home. We want to be able to recognise and reward this effort through Class Charts. 

Teacher will be assigning an achievement to pupils each lesson to indicate their engagementTo support pupils and parents, below is an overview of what each achievement means and how to gain those Class Charts praise points! 

Attended Remote Lesson Engaged (2 praise points) 

Pupils can show they are in attendance and engaged in Zoom lessons by answering questions (using chat, reactions or unmuting and speaking when asked). Asking questions about the lesson via Class Charts chat or email can demonstrate engagement too. Whist we encourage active participation throughout the lesson, if a pupil cannot communicate during the lesson but submits their attempt at the work, this will also class as engagement. 

Attended Remote Lesson exceeded expectation (4 praise points) 

Pupils can show this level of engagement by fully participating in the lesson, answering and asking questions when opportunities are provided. By submitting work on time and to the expected standard for their ability would also result in this achievement being awarded. 

Attended Remote Lesson not engaged (0 points) 

Pupils may be classed as NOT engaged if there is no communication from the pupil at all. Pupils will be given opportunities and clear instruction on how to engage during Zoom lessonsFrom a safeguarding point of view, teachers need to be assured that whilst pupil halogged in, they are actually present 

Did not attend remote lesson (0 points) 

This may be assigned to pupils who did not attend a live lesson opportunity. This will inform parents but can be updated later in the day if a pupil subsequently submits work. 

Engaged in other remote learning (2 praise points) 

If a pupil is unable to attend a live lesson or there is no live face to face opportunity, but they communicate with teachers or submit work in the timeframe they were given, they can be assigned this achievement. 

No remote learning available/required. 

This may be awarded if a pupil is marked as ill other reasons for non-attendance as informed by parents (illness, medical appointment etc.)  


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