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Teachers Got talent Too! - Thornhill School Teachers Got talent Too!

Posted by at 10:34PM on 09 December 2012

Do you know how many talented teachers there are at Thornhill? Plenty in the classroom, but also on stage too!  This show based on the 'X factor' unearthed a multitude of talent including Miss Willmore who can sing like a rock star, Mr Bishop the not very funny 'comedian', Mr Jones a talented guitar player and singer, the not so talented duo - Mr Leadbeater and Mr Poulton, who said they were singing! They were followed by Mrs Moon and her performing dog, (also known as Pudsey) who was not very keen to perform, but he was very cute!  A talented Mr Armstrong finished the first part of the show singing and playing his guitar.  

After the interval more talent emerged; Mr Rice, dressed as a gorilla played the drums, Mrs Charlton showed Mr Leadbeater a thing or two about personal safety with a very skillful martial arts demonstration and 'Super Group' a band made up of Mrs Bennett, Mr Salkeld, Mr Jones and Mr Rice had the audience singing and dancing in the aisles with their lively performance.  Although every contestant was a winner, Super Group were the overall winners.

The show was hosted by Sofenna Lowe, Thornhill's head girl and the judges were Mrs Monte, Mrs Pape and one of our pupils who was drawn out of a hat.

The evening raised a substantial amount of money for the FASTA group (friends and staff of Thornhill) towards our school funds.  Well done to everyone who supported this great event - watch out for more talent next year!