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The Race is on - "Be in Plenty for £20" - Thornhill School The Race is on - "Be in Plenty for £20"

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:42AM on 03 March 2017


An update for week ending March 17th, Johnson House have stormed into the lead with 90% of their pupils with 100% attendance for that week. Miss Tench is delighted and has high hopes for staying ahead of Hislop and Brydon. However the other heads of house are in hot pursuit and are determined to knock Johnson off top spot.

Let’s see who can win this week?

week ending 17 march

See previous week’s results here


At 3:06PM on 10 Mar 2017, ryan bruce said...
cumon johnson
At 12:36PM on 28 Mar 2017, Luke Bruce said...
Johnson is the best
At 1:29PM on 25 Apr 2017, ashhad said...
come on hislop
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