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The Truth About Derwent Hill - Thornhill School The Truth About Derwent Hill

Posted by Louise Meah at 11:10AM on 29 September 2014

Now, to be honest, I am not really an outdoors-y type person. But I really, honestly loved Derwent Hill. Admittedly there were some moments where I thought, "Omigosh-omigosh-omigosh-omigosh! How am I supposed to do this!?" And although they did seem scary at the time (I swear I have never been scared of heights till I did the death swing) they don't seem as scary now. Okay maybe the thought of the death swing still scares me a little, but that's not the point.

We did loads of activities while we were there - some very wet, some very exhausting and some just plain exhilarating. On Monday they shoved us off the bus, let us unpack and then we went straight into activities. Which was, in our group, gorge walking. We literally walked down a river. A fast flowing river. With rapids. And slippery rocks. And a rather high jump. Needless to say, this was my favourite.


Tuesday, however, was not. Rock climbing looks easy but is definitely not. For me, anyway! Becca and Jake were the best at it - Becca looked like a spider monkey! Talking of spiders, who knew Lee Lynch was so afraid of them! When we got back one day, he screamed like a girl because he saw one in the cloak room. Seriously.


Wednesday, we kayaked to an island, cooked pancakes, and then canoed back. Those pancakes were tasty... I warn you, though: when you are in a canoe try very hard not to capsize anyone. They tend to get very upset. Yes, okay maybe we accidently capsized someone. Shanice almost lost her shoe in the water.


On Thursday, we walked for a very very very very very very long time. Trust me: when you have been walking, one hour and forty-five minutes seems very long. It was worth it, though. We were walking to a little lagoon called Black Moss Pot. I may have misheard the name. Once we were there, there were some brilliant jumps into the water you could do.


Then we were at Friday already. Sigh... On Friday we could abseil or do the gladiator challenge. I decided to abseil down a tree. The scariest bit was climbing up the tree! Going down was amazing. Although I didn't do the gladiator challenge, it looked fun. You had to race to the top of a ropes course. With a harness on, obviously.


By the time we got home we were exhausted. Or running on adrenalin.

So yeah, the truth about Derwent Hill. The truth is, it is wet, hard, terrifying and exhausting. However, it is also fun, thrilling, funny and an amazing experience. Definitely worth your money.

Year 8 pupil


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At 12:27PM on 23 Oct 2014, Leah J Liddle said...
I was there at derwent hill it was so cool! I would really recommend it to anyone if they asked!!!!
At 1:20PM on 16 Dec 2014, jake mason said...
it was really FUNNNNNNNNNNN
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