Saturday 17 April 2021

Thornhill Academy closure update - Thornhill School Thornhill Academy closure update

Posted by Louise Meah at 2:23PM on 02 March 2020

Firstly can I just reassure all our parents and pupils that the ONLY reason we are closed today (Monday 2nd March) is due to HEATING problems and nothing else.

Since 8.30am this morning we have had several heating engineers working on our heating system as it failed to activate on Sunday night leaving the building at a chilly 12oC this morning. Over the last few weeks we have struggled with the heating system due to dropping pressure which has been caused by a corroded pipe which sits in a concreate culvert below ground. Although we have isolated this pipe the valves are old and well-worn resulting in water and pressure still escaping. Over the weekend we have then suffered further complications. Our hot water boiler has fractured resulting in the loss of our domestic hot water system. In addition to this, the expansion vessel diaphragm  connected to the heating system has split resulting in the loss of pressure within the heating system, which in turn has prevented the boilers from firing.

To rectify these problems we are using one of our boilers to heat our domestic hot water system, a new expansion vessel has been ordered and will be delivered overnight so it can be fitted in the morning. The boilers are then to be serviced and the building is to be reheated. The last major issue is the replacement of the corroded heating pipe to DT which will require substantial groundworks. Until this work can be undertaken we will heat the DT area using portable heating appliances.

We will therefore remain closed tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd March) to enable the necessary repairs to be made. I regret having to close the school at any time and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused but I’m sure you agree this is an unusual set of circumstances and we are endeavouring to re-open as soon as we can.


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