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Thornhill Academy Coronavirus contingency plans - Thornhill School Thornhill Academy Coronavirus contingency plans

Posted by Louise Meah at 3:45PM on 12 March 2020

Dear Parents or Carer

Whilst we have no cases Covid-19 in school, I wish to reassure you of the measures that we currently have in place to minimise the risk to both our staff and pupils:

  • Paper tissues are available in every classroom
  • Hand sanitisers have been installed at various locations across the school site
  • Pupils are encouraged to observe good hygiene and to wash their hands

Current advice from both Public Health England and the Department for Education is that pupils should continue to attend school as normal.

You will have noticed in the news, that there appears to be an increasing likelihood of school closures to contain the virus. At present the timing of this is still uncertain, however in the event of a school closure, teachers will upload work for each subject onto Class Charts at the start of any normal school week that we are closed with work for pupils to complete that week.

Obviously, pupils will be expected to complete the equivalent amount of work to the lessons they are missing, so, for example, if a student has 4 hours of English per week, they will be set approximately 4 hours of work to do in that subject.

What should you do now?

Pupils should be familiar with how to access work set in Class Charts and those pupils who have not logged in to the system over the last 2 weeks will receive a reminder of how to log in to the system via their form tutor. Please check that your son/daughter can access Class Charts and get them to speak to their form tutor if they have any issues accessing it.

Parents can also access Class Charts using the login details that we have provided previously and you can monitor the work that has been set so that you can support your son/daughter over this period of time.

Thank you for your cooperation. We will provide further updates when we have them via both our social media platforms, text messaging facility and our website.

Yours faithfully

I Redford Headteacher

Thornhill Covid19 Advice 12Mar20


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