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Thornhill Pupils Become Industrial Cadets - Thornhill School Thornhill Pupils Become Industrial Cadets

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:19AM on 29 September 2017

 16 Thornhill pupils have already spent 6 days at Nissan this half term becoming Industrial Cadets. The Year 10 pupils spent a day touring the production line, visiting the Bodyshop to see how the body of Nissan cars are constructed, and then visiting Trim and Chasis to see how the cars are put together and how they are finished ready for final testing. The pupils also met a range of employees of Nissan including an engineering apprentice, a Senior Parts Controller, a current member of the Graduate scheme and also two employees who had successfully completed the Administration Apprenticeship and who had been offered full time positions within the admin team.

The pupils then returned to Nissan the following week and spent 5 days taking part in the TRYZ program – a training course designed for line supervisors at Nissan. In two teams of 8, the pupils learnt how to build a car, design an efficient production line, balance their line so that jobs are shared between the operators fairly, time and cost their production line and finally use their line to produce cars in the quickest and most efficient way. On the final day, the teams competed to build 15 cars in the quickest time. The cars they produced were then tested on a test ramp and points were deducted for poor quality. The final result was very close but Martin’s team pipped Bob’s team to be the winning team!

All of the pupils then received Nissan goodies and an Industrial Cadet certificate at silver level. This will enable them to include this in college, job and apprenticeship applications and ultimately to use on their CV and university applications.

The pupils and the school were then delighted to receive an email from Nissan praising them for their outstanding behaviour and attitude during the week. The feedback said that Nissan “were so impressed that they felt it was necessary to write a thank you email. They were so well behaved (and believe me, speaking from past experience, this is very unusual. We have had a lot of issues with pupils from previous schools). I observed one boy, Joseph I believe, in particular being very helpful, setting chairs out for the group and then collecting plates in at the end of the break, ensuring there was no mess left. There was no noise or misbehaviour at any point and it was nice to see the children interacting with each other in a good way. The trainers said 

Martin’s group:

They were an absolute pleasure to work with, made my week much easier than normal.

They didn’t question anything I asked them to do

They were absolutely focused on the tasks given

Fantastic personalities, which shone through all week.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week with them, and was sorry to see them go.

Best group I have trained.

Bob’s group: 

Well behaved, quiet and polite, canteen staff commented on how nice they were.

Pleasure to teach.

Well done to all the pupils involved for their outstanding achievements and this excellent feedback. Also, Year 7 and 8 pupils look out for your chance to visit Nissan later this term!



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